A Happy Anniversary: One YEAR off Gerson!!!!

How to say thank you to you, friends…?

It’s been one year; a year ago today that I stepped off the train marked Gerson Therapy.

I who’d climbed on “incurable”, and disembarked greatly healed owe a debt of real gratitude to the many who prayed, who encouraged, who supported in gifts and friendship.

I’m walking, sitting, standing, sleeping undisturbed. There’s so much to tell you about what went on this last year; of the things that have never yet crossed a page, but will someday. Of the pain that’s been repealed, never to return, and of the faith that’s been born of obeying and seeing God perform what He promised. These have been indescribable days; days of healing.

May I never forget what’s happened

To that end, God has left me a little chip of an Ebenezer of pain; a reminder of the land from which I’ve been delivered. Every now and then it taps me and asks me to look and remember the captivity from which I came. I live in a freed body now. And a freed soul. That was not always the case.

So, today, it would be an awful shame if I let it get it away without stopping to say thanks to the Lord first and loudest; and then to you, to my husband, to the Gerson Institute. So many helped to save me; to give me relief. There’s more about this coming, but today is not a day for telling tales; it’s one to stand beaming with awe, to remember the miracle: the impending disaster, and how God swooped in to save; to bow my head and give Him greatest thanks.

You, oh God, are a God of strength and a God of tenderness- strong to save; tender to want to.

May we always believe it.